Ally Layton

Cornershop Creative
Project Manager


Hi there,

Thanks for checking me out.

I'm Ally, organizational wiz, project manager, and cat owner. For the past four years, I've worked in the online business space as a freelance email marketer for small business owners, and as a project manager for a content creation agency.

But what that really means is I'm a wonderful candidate for helping Cornershop Creative manage their products and customer relationships as a project manager.

Read more about me and my work below, and please let me know if you have any questions.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Why me?

Well, here's the path that brought me to you.

1. Studied English

Let's start off on the right foot, you know? I graduated with a degree in English and Writing from Portland State University. 

2. Worked for too many law offices

Working for lawyers was single-handedly some of the best training I could have asked for with the work I'm doing now.  

I closed that chapter as a better communicator and writer, with a more-than-keen eye for detail.

This time was also imperative for helping me see that I do my best work when pushed and challenged. I strived for a place to be innovative, to test new ideas, implement what I was learning, and get out of my comfort zone. 

So, I left for the wild unknown and...

3. Started

The mission of was to build meaningful marketing strategies with a focus on customers, instead of bottom lines. 

A regular project for me included:

  1. Remotely meeting with clients to understand their expectations for their content moving forward.
  2. Creating detailed outlines of overall content strategy moving forward. 
  3. Writing the promotional content for the next stage of their sales funnel while adhering to brand voice and tone.
  4. Using data collected throughout the duration of the funnel to adapt any upcoming content to be more successful.

I loved my business, but I missed collaborating with other people. I had been daydreaming about working as part of a small team. When I began...

4. Worked as a project manager for a content marketing agency

Working as a project manager and content strategist for an agency has given me the unique opportunity to be a part of every angle of content creation and implementation. During my time here, I have...

  • Managed the content planning and writing for over a dozen of other companies, with SEO and lead generation in mind.
  • Worked closely with a team of writers, editors, and tech assistants to move content pieces through all stages of creation — from the minds of our writers, onto Google docs, and into Wordpress.
  • Maintained consistent publishing and production schedules to keep content flowing over several months — without hiccups. 
  • Meet regularly with remote clients and team members to ensure that all needs are being addressed and that the content is exceeding expectations. 

This position really suites all my needs and skills, but I'm ready to do even more. I started looking for other project management roles, when...

5. I found Cornershop Creative!

Honestly, I am a great fit for Cornershop Creative's Project Manager position. 

I love each and every step of project management, from the high-level strategy to getting down with the nitty-gritty details, and I appreciate a position that gets to work with problems from start to finish.

I also have a knack (and proven track record to boot) for creating effective business systems and structures — whether they're for myself, other businesses, or my unwitting friends and family. If there is a weak spot, I'll find it, organize it, and create cohesive training documentation for it, too.

More importantly,  when 🔥💩🔥, I'm ❄️🥒❄️.

I'd be thrilled to take these skills and work as your project manager. Let's chat and see how I could get involved with Cornershop Creative!