Ally Layton

Project Manager & writer

audience ops



Thanks for checking me out.

I'm Ally, a voracious writer, self-starter, copy editor, and email marketing strategist. For the past three years, I've used these skills to run — a freelance email marketing and content strategy firm for small business owners.

But what that really means is I'm a wonderful candidate for helping Audience Ops create effective content marketing campaigns as a project manager.

Read more below, and let me know if you have any questions.

Why me?

Well, here's the path that brought me to you.

1. Studied English

Let's start off on the right foot, you know? I graduated with a degree in English and Writing from Portland State University. 

2. Worked for too many law offices

Working for lawyers was single-handedly some of the best training I could have asked for with the work I'm doing now.  

I closed that chapter as a better communicator and writer, with a more-than-keen eye for detail.

This time was also imperative for helping me see that I do my best work when pushed and challenged. I strived for a place to be innovative, to test new ideas, implement what I was learning, and get out of my comfort zone. 

So, I left for the wild unknown and....

3. Started freelancing with

The mission of my business is to build meaningful relationships through email marketing automation. Which means I put relationships before sales, a lot. I whole-heartedly believe that marketing strategies with a focus on customers, instead of bottom lines, will thrive. And I bring this philosophy to every email campaign I write, and every client conversation I have. 

A regular project for me includes:

  • Remotely meeting with clients to understand expectations for their next email campaign and goals for their businesses moving forward
  • Outlining and writing promotional content for their sales funnel/launch, while adhering to brand voice and tone.
  • Setting up content within various email delivery systems.
  • Using data collected throughout the duration of the funnel to adapt upcoming content to be more successful.

I love my business, but I also love collaborating with other people. I have been daydreaming of working as part of a small team. Until...

4. Finding Audience Ops on We Work Remotely

Not gonna lie, I would be perfect for this position. Email marketing and project management aren't just things I love, but I'm great at them too.  

Working as a freelancer for the past three years has taught me the value of creating high-quality campaigns (that are error free) and I pride myself on having built up my client base solely on the quality of my work.

I would love to take what I know about content marketing and project management and transition it to work for your business.

Let's chat and see how I could get involved with Audience Ops!