If the idea of setting up all the pieces of your sales funnel has you running for the hills, then I'm here to help.




You did the hard work of writing and creating your email funnel because you were told it would help you make money while you sleep...

You got brave, hit publish, and have been WAITING for the magic to happen...

But in reality – no one really clicks. You've got a few buys but nothing special.

Instead of watching the dollars *bling* in your Paypal account, you're spending WAY too much time testing, editing, tweaking and not making any progress.

Whether you've just written your funnel, or something's still not quite there, a Funnel Tune Up will answer all your burning questions, like:

Where am I losing the sale? Where are my readers bored? What parts are working for me? What the heck is effecting my metrics and why are my conversions so loooow?

That's what we're talking about here. 

With a Funnel Tune Up, you receive: 

  • Detailed edits and/or revision for each email in your sequence
  • Subject line optimization
  • Unlimited email support for questions during your revision phase
  • Option to add a 45 minute Sequence Mapping session for $99

*Price based on 5 email sequences. Must be used within 45 days of purchase – To be delivered within 10 business days


Starts @ $1500

Does the idea of a sales sequence or funnel sounds great, but actually IMPLEMENTING one for your business… is a whole other story?

Or maybe figuring out what to say has really proven to be a is a nightmare of rough drafts, half finished funnels, and 0 progress.

When it comes to creating your sales sequence, do you ever wish someone would just do it for you? 

Getting behind the wheel of your email marketing is not easy – which is why I take a lot of pride in being able to help my clients map out sales sequences that convert leads and make sales.

With a Custom Built Funnel, we'll map out each and every email together, so that you can move forward creating content that magnetizes your leads and has them 'raising their hands', over and over again. 

Your Custom Built Funnel could include:

  • Option of building a 10, 15, or 20 email sales sequence
  • One 90 minute Sequence Mapping session 
  • One 60 minute Content Planning session
  • Detailed outline for the content within each email of your sequence
  • Unlimited email support for questions
  • 2 rounds of edits (grammar and consistency) on the completed sequence after you've written all the emails

*Prices for sequences start at 10 emails. Each sequence is designed on a per client basis and will be tailored to their specific needs.




Here's the truth... 

The best sales sequence in the world will be NOTHING if you don't build a strong relationship with the people on your list first, which means you need a well developed nurture sequence.

And nothing is as easy or effective for building that nurture sequence as a Funnel Builder Blueprint!

People who receive a nurture sequences, like that in the Funnel Builder Blueprint, are 47% more likely to open your other emails, which means they're more likely to get to know you, more primed to trust you, and are more willing to invest in what you're offering. 

If you have any hopes of selling to your list, then the Funnel Builder Blueprint are here to help you:

  • Engage with your readers
  • Boosts your metrics
  • Get your audience to know, like, and trust you quickly

Are you ready to start nurturing leads like a boss?

Not sure which option if right for you, or want something completely different?

Get in touch.