One Month Down...

I purposely skipped writing yesterday (even though I like sharing what I learned on Fridays) because today is August 4th and I've officially made it one whole month here! 

What a month, hu!? 

I teeter on the fence between thinking that was the hardest month I've had in years and feeling silly because I don't understand what has been so hard about it. I know a part of me tries to minimize my accomplishments, so I've been sending love to that part and stepping into how good it feels to be here at all. 

So many times throughout this month, I've asked myself 'Why am I here' but it's been a real practice in allowing, when the answer is simply 'Because.' 

As I look back over this month I really feel like I completed a cycle. The Month of Ally. The month where I showed up where I wanted, when I wanted. Where I learned how to figure out what I wanted and own that. 

I re-remembered that I've got this. That I know how to take care of myself, and catch myself. That I don't need others to do it for me. 

Here where my favorite moments of the last month:

- Laying in my bed day 1 and falling asleep at 7, because I had made it. 

- Getting my car, meeting Luana, finding yoga, and all the other little pieces of this life I've put together that form routine and place here. 

- Watching movies and eating Thai food with the group that was here

- Fixing the shower, fixing my cabins, fixing the wifi, the freezer, my running water. 

- Going to the beaches and sitting in the black sands. 

- Frying my first egg today without cracking the yoke, and with out the whites being runny. It was a huge success. 

What a wild and weird month. What an adventure. What lessons I've learned already from being here, what more awaits me.