Moving day

Today was a day that I had been anticipating for a while. 

Today the new people come, a family of 3, and I begin phase 2.1 of this weird little journey I'm on. 

All this week, I've thrown off doing those things I needed to do around the cabin — fix the rat hole? That can happen on Wednesday. Fill up all the water jugs? That can happen on Wednesday. Wash all my clothes, the linens, etc.? That can happen on Wednesday. 

To the point where I woke up at 5:30 today and have only just stopped, 12 hours later to eat some food and think "Why didn't I plan ahead for this!?" 

Moving is hard, whether it's to a new city or state, or even just taking what you need up a hill to a substantially smaller cabin. 

My "one trip, max" turned in to a cool 10 this morning, as I began to pile all the essentials I've acquired from living in Hawaii, along with the appliances I'm "rehoming." 

As I got everything put away, wiped down, and settled my legs started to burn and blisters started to form. The fire ants still haven't vacated the premise, it would seem. 

I dropped everything I had and drove to Ace. I bought 3 different kinds of fire ant bait, drove back and started spaying down every inch of that place. 

I grabbed all the linens and went back out to the laundry mat, washing everything over again. 

I don't know if it'll work. Only sleeping tonight will tell. 

Unfortunately, I don't really have a Plan B, Plan A (to kill them all before I moved in) was supposed to work. As I drove out to Ace this afternoon, I found myself thinking "I don't know if I'm strong enough to live in a cabin with fire ants..." feeling totally dejected, like somehow, if I couldn't make this work it would mean failure. When my mind answered back with clarity that hit me like a brick "your strength is not determined by your ability to live with fire ants"

Plan A's, Plan B's won't matter. Building up the strength of character to withstand personal storms is what I'm learning, it's the work I'm doing here. The ants are a challenge but they are not the objective. I have 11 days in that cabin before going to Kona, if I need to move, I'll move. If I need to readjust, I'll do so. That, then, would become part of this journey — not a failure. 

What a relief. 

Wish me luck tonight as I try to settle in here in a few hours. I sincerely hope I'm moving into phase 2.1 pest free.