Farm life

The past few days here have definitely improved. I want to say it was 'little by little' but in a way, it really feels like an overnight kind of thing. 

I think the autonomy of my car, the habit of yoga, meeting a few more people, having the lady at the cafe say 'scone today?' like she knew me, all helped this feeling like I'm starting to belong hit me at once, and I'm here for it. 

In that way, I feel like I can handle the 'realities of farm life' in stride instead of it hitting like another wave when you're already getting pummeled, which I'm so thankful for, as there have been a few things kicking up lately.

First off there was the vog (volcanic fog) which settled in two nights ago as I slept. The sulfurous gas coming in from the open windows, and cracks in the wall all night, have left my lungs feeling heavy and my brain hurting for the past few days. Unfortunately for this one, there is no real solution. My gas mask protected me some, but also smelled a bit moldy. As I laid there struggling to sleep and breath, I wondered which was going to do my lung more harm...

The second reality of my farm life is the fauna, as I'm all too eager to write about regularly. The HUGE rat in my house has had a price on his head for weeks now but it has been diligently avoiding the poison I put out for him. So for the last few days, I've been crawling under my house, hopping up on chairs, taping entry holes from one end of that place to the next so that new residents don't find him sniffing their baby one night. Today, I'm off to Ace to buy some double-time poison and a few more bananas I can sacrifice. 

Finally, after all that, I woke up this morning and walked past my new-to-me shower SPRAYING water everywhere (thank god it's an outdoor shower.) The pipe has split. I told Mikaya and she's sending me to Ace for that as well. That one is hanging over my head a bit, even if I had all the pieces I have no idea how to fix it, but the challenge is there, so why not try to meet it?

Last night as I was looking around at my little cabin, I noticed all the repairs and cleaning I've done to it in the past two weeks. I can definitely say I'm leaving it better off then I found it. Now, that I'm moving to this new one, I have a chance to do that again. To make improvements, to settle in, to fix things, and to make it comfy. Which is actually a pretty fun project to line up for the weekend. 


Today I'm in Hilo again, with a good day ahead of me here. I'm going to do some work and eat some lunch at this cute cafe right on the street. I'm going to buy my groceries again and meal plan for the next few weeks. I'm going to my other yoga studio again. I might even drive to the beach to kill time. Simple.