9 email templates to make writing your nurture sequence a cinch.

See how it's done with the Funnel Builder Blueprint.


The Funnel Builder Blueprint is designed specifically for entrepreneurs, business owners, and affiliate marketers who are eager to establish a strong reputation and marketing presence with the new leads on their list.

Ever spent WEEKS getting people onto your list... 

Only to send them a promo email RIGHT away?

 Or better yet, not actually write them for MONTHS until there was something to sell?

Let me guess what happened next...

No one bought. A few people opened your email, maybe a couple even clicked, but the sales you thought would magically start rolling in...didn't.  

And that's the best case scenario. 

Here's the truth:

It's not enough to just be present in someone's inbox for them to buy your shiz.

Because that inbox of theirs is a sacred space. 

Sell to much, and BAM unsubscribe. 

Push too hard, and WAM marked as spam

Violate their trust, and SHAZAM you've been flagged. 

And that is the last thing you want to see happen, because you want your subscribers to TRUST you, buy your products, and know that you're not going to rip them off at the first chance you get. 

You don't want to be spammy

You just need your subscribers to...

  • Consistently OPEN your emails
  • Get to know you, like you, and trust you
  • Click your links 
  • Value your business and brand enough to want to buy what you've got

You NEED a nurture sequence that primes your leads and get’s them ready and excited to buy what you’ve got. 

You need...

The Funnel Builder Blueprint.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who’s trying to get sequences off their plate. I felt that my finished sequence was convincing without being sales-y, and reflected the spirit of TGA very well.
— Nicolas Pineault, The Great Anamoly

The blueprint will help you...

  • Discover the 9 ultra-specific email templates for quick copy and laser focused emails.

  • Learn the EXACT days and times to send your emails so that you're never worried about over blasting your audience OR being silent for too long

  • Discover how to strategically organize your content so that subscribers like you and trust you right off the bat. 

  • Detailed writing prompts so you can focus on exactly what your readers want to learn more about.

  • Master the 3 simple steps for high converting subject lines, and so-clickable Calls to Action.

I am so glad I found your templates! They were a huge help writing my sequence.
— Angela Reeder, The Juggling VA

TRUTH: Most sales are premeditated

If you thought that sending promotional emails left-and-right was how you could start making money in your sleep – you've got another thing coming. 

People actually have to think about you BEFORE they’re willing to buy from you. And by selling to your list before people know who you are, is skipping an important part of the process.

That's what makes The Funnel Builder Blueprint so incredible. 

The Blueprint shows you the step-by-step process for priming your list and sending them valuable content BEFORE pitching them, so that you can begin to train your audience to know that whatchu got is worth paying for. 

Each and every template in the Blueprint is also specifically designed to help you...

  • Identify EXACTLY what your readers want to see, so that they open & click every email
  • Master the basics to blast through your writers block, and know exactly what to say – before you start writing
  • Strategically nurture your leads so that a strong relationship is formed BEFORE selling your product. 

And you know what happens then...

You really will be able to make money while you sleep.

But it all starts here.


I'm Ally and I'm a Sales funnel strategist.

But what does that have to do with creating a nurture sequence?

I've seen first hand how blasting out promotions to anyone who accidentally opens your email, or pitching people after not hearing from you in 8 months, can be devastating to any long term sales goals you have for your business. 

After working with several clients to construct high converting welcome and nurture sequences, I've turned my process into 9 easy to follow, next-level templates so that you can stop figuring out HOW to nurture your leads, and start selling your products EFFECTIVELY, like you've always dreamed. 

Ally has been the saving grace to my business. I now feel SO confident moving forward in my communications with my audience/clients.
— Lysa Greer

Got Q's?

How long will it take for the blueprint to be delivered?

Immediately – Boom! This is a 100% digital product that will download as soon as you click through the order form. No fuss, no muss, no hassle.


What if I still get stuck writing my sequence?

Writing your sequence can be really tough, for anyone. That's why I'm offering a Funnel Tune Up Session for anyone who purchases the Blueprint for just $99. I'll look over your finished sequence, front to back, and help you optimize it so that you know it's works just the way you've always hoped it would.


What if I'm not happy with my purchase?

First of all, I'm don't think that'll happen, but if it does I'm more than happy to refund your $19 and take down your feedback so that I can make these templates even better. 

*Refunds must be made within 15 days of purchase.


Who do I contact if there is a technical problem?

Feel free to contact us at anytime by emailing – hi@allylayton.com – and we'd be happy to help you sort that out. 


Why would I choose to buy this blueprint over a free option?

Free has such a good ring to it, doesn't it? But after looking at other free email templates on the market, I found that the information provided wasn't as useful, specific, or well rounded as this Blueprint. Free can sound nice, but if the value isn't there, is it worth it having at all? 


$19? Why are these so cheap?

There is a lot of pressure online to make a $500+ product, but the reality is, I believe in these templates and want to get them into the hands of as many people as possible. After researching free products online, I felt that these templates were too valuable to be free. I also felt $19 wouldn't be prohibitive to someone who needs them for their business. It's not that they're cheap – they're a damn good value. 


Who are you, and what qualifies you to help me write my sales sequence? 

Hi there, I'm Ally. I'm an email marketer and sales funnel strategist. I've been working with business owners for the last three years to improve their email marketing with everything from newsletters, to launch sequences, to nurture sequences. I've seen it all. Including what helps my clients time and time again get the response they're looking for from their clients, and what keeps the crickets chirping.


How easy is the blueprint to use?

Pretty darn easy. Each email in the Blueprint is broken up into three sections and includes an email from my exact funnel for your reference. If at any point something doesn't make sense or confuses you, feel free to email us at hi@allylayton.com.


I already downloaded your welcome sequences templates, is this different?

Great question! My welcome sequence templates were included in Blueprint – but they did not include the writing prompts, the outlines, or four of the nurture and sell emails. If you have downloaded the welcome sequence template in the past, you can contact hi@allylayton.com and receive a 50% discount off the cost of the Blueprint. 


My question isn't listed here, do I email hi@allylayton.com?

You sure do! Great job!