The most interesting way I’ve found to nurture a small list

When you're growing a business, building a list is the ONE thing you know you need to have. Unfortunately, if you don’t take your time to set your list up properly and nurture appropriately, the disorganization can really bite you in the butt later on.

In this post, I’ll be highlighting one of my favorite was to nurture my list, without being forced, sale-y, or unauthentic.

Let's jump in:

One of the hardest parts of having a small list, is knowing what to do with it.

In a ‘traditional’ list building environment, we assume that 1% of our list will convert. But what if you only have 300, 120, hell only 60 people... you’re kind of shit out of luck for making sales, right?

This can be especially hard for businesses that have a niche audience, and don’t NEED to find 10,000 people in order to sell their services.

For instance, I have one client who only needs to find 2 clients, every 6 months. For her,

having a small ACTIVE, list is going to be more valuable than a larger INACTIVE, list.

If that’s your case, what are you to do? Well, first things first – ALWAYS, always, know your numbers. Get a goal for what you want to sell to your list and get honest about how many people you think you’ll need to meet your goals (round up). After that it's simple. 

My tip for you is to nurture, and nurture in a way that is absolutely NOT automated.

If you have 0-200 people on your list, take some time out of your day for the next few weeks and WRITE each of them, 1:1.

Now this sounds crazy, because it is a little crazy. It can take a good chunk of your time, but it’ll be worth it. By writing your people 1:1 and starting that conversation, you’ll learn more about my audience than you could imagine. But most importantly,

You’ll be fricking unique.

I guarantee, you’ll be one of the only people that they’re getting non-automated emails from, and therefore building that know, like, and trust (in a real genuine way) a whole hell of a lot quicker.

Try it, see how it goes and then let me know.

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