“Should I use emojis in my subject line?” ...Well the jury’s still out

It’s pretty obvious that emojis have become a thing over the past few years, and so much so that people, all over the place have started using them in their email subject lines!

But keeping up with what’s cool is always a mixed bag in the marketing world.

For me, even as a writer and a lover of the English language, I’ve never really minded emojis (maybe it’s because I’m still under 30.)

So while I’d love to be the end all be all for how your audience feels about YOU using emojis in your subject line, I’m definitely not.

What’s worse is that the research out there is totally up in the air about whether or not they're even successful.

That’s why if you’re adamant about using emojis in your subject line, it’s important that you follow a few simple guidelines.

Make sure that...

  1. Emojis are on brand for you.

  2. You’re ok with people receiving a ▢ if they have an email server that doesn’t support emojis (ie. outlook)

    *Hint: By placing the emoji at the beginning or the end of the subject line, OR not using it to replace words can be an effective means of dealing with this dilemma.

  3. You test it to see that your audience responds well.

  4. You know what the symbols can “really” mean, and do your research before you send something slightly sexual to your entire list.

  5. You use them sparingly. Emojis are really effective if you use them once in awhile, but the more you use them the more your readers get ‘immune’ to them, and they lose their advantage.

Now’s your chance to try out emojis in your subject lines, and see what a bit of testing and a little discipline can do for you.