Five emails to include in ANY Funnel

More often than not, when I speak with clients it’s about setting up a funnel for their business. While everyone wants a funnel, it seems that no one has ANY idea what to say in them. 

Outlining the content of your emails can feel really overwhelming. So, to make matters easier, I wanted to outline the 5 types of emails I include in every single funnel I write.

  • Testimonial/ Case Study Email – Anything you can do to give your readers social proof for why your product is worth investing in will be gold. Case Study and testimonial emails are often overlooked in beginning funnels but can be a really powerful opportunity to get your readers to trust you quickly. Always use them.  

  • The Big Guns (also known as the ‘Come to Jesus’) Email – this is a hard sell email that breaks down point-by-point why your product is the ONLY option for your potential clients. Use scarcity, and employ awesome CTA’s that are direct, and be crystal clear about the action you want your readers to take in these emails.

  • The Q&A Email – This is an opportunity to address some of my readers biggest concerns and burning questions. While they’re pretty straightforward, using them can help you get onto the same page with your readers, and positioning yourself as an expert, WIN!

  • The About YOU Email – An About You email is a wonderful opportunity to add a more human element into your funnel. Outside of your welcome funnel, you probably wouldn’t want a super overt message, but you will want to include messages that are all about your story, how you’ve gotten to where you are today, how you’ve come to be YOU.

  • The Educational Email – This email continues to train your readers about how to solve their problems, then it points to your product as the ultimate solution. Educational emails can be promotional or not, they can include testimonials or not, they can include media (like videos or slide) but don’t have to. They’re a building block style of email that’s a flexible base for all other styles of emails to work off of.


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