Connection > Content

As a funnel strategist this might come as a bit of a surprise, but sometimes I totally hate content.

That’s because “Content” can so easily become the product of our ‘one-and-done’ culture, and ends up looking mass produced, regurgitated, processed, and re-purposed.

And that's the truth.

More importantly, the people on your list, in your community, your followers, your tribe, your gang– they just aren’t interested in your "content."

They don’t want your one-and-done mass email sends or your [FIRST-NAME] fields. What they want is something so much DEEPER than content.

They’re interested in YOU– your story, your journey, and (hopefully) your business. 

As humans, this connection is what we’re all after, and it drives all of our decisions, including our buying decisions.  But, if the story you're telling is real AND adds value, then it won’t feel like "content." It will feel like connection.

So, as business owners, what are some ways to add connection and real value to our writing?

We can relate.

Stories, videos, sharing photos – these are all excellent ways to share your life with your followers. Sharing is contagious, once you start it others will follow.

We can leave the b.s. to lawyers.

People can smell your b.s. They can smell when you’re not bringing your most genuine self forward. So write to your list like you're their most trusted advisor, because you should be .

We can be proactive and help them with what’s actually wrong.

Do your research and learn what your audience is interested in knowing more about, or have a survey and ask them point blank. Either way, take what you know about your buyers and give them what they really NEED, not what you think they want. 

This week, I challenge you to use your time speaking to your community, to do more than share content. Start sharing connection.