Don't hit send without checking these 6 things!

For this week, I have a bit of a PSA:

I received yet ANOTHER email with the subject line “Oops! I sent you the wrong link, here is the *REAL* one.”

Every time I see that, I just cringe. When you’re emailing thousands of people, you really want to make sure that everything is working the FIRST time.

In email marketing, we also talk a lot about how finikey readers are. Your subject line has to be good so your readers will open the email, the CTA has to be catchy so they’ll click. But all of that is for not, if once you hit send all the pieces aren’t in order.

Plus considering all the work, time, and effort you put into writing that email – I know you also want it to be perfect.

We’re all human here, so I know that mistakes happen, but worrying about your broadcasts is a headache you shouldn’t have to have every single week.

That’s why, this week, I wanted to offer you a simple system that you can put in place for all your emails. Now, you can rest assured that everything is in tip top shape the first time.

BEFORE sending a broadcast out to your whole list, double check your email by:

  1. Clicking all your links and make sure they go to the intended page/ aren’t broken.

  2. Making sure your email formatted correctly and will work with multiple different inboxes (ie. always send that test email and remember emails received by outlook can turn out a little weird)

  3. Checking the subject line, Subject Line, SUBJECT LINE! (so that it doesn’t say ‘test’ or ‘draft’)

  4. Going back and confirm that the correct list is getting your emails

  5. Confirming that you have a high open rate at that time/ day, or testing it if you’re unsure.

  6. Giving it to another human to glance at your spelling, and then triple check it.

  7. Including social media sharing buttons so that the message can get passed along.


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