Getting Behind the Wheel of Your E-Mail Sequences

One aspect of my work is to help online entrepreneurs outline email sequences that nurture their leads, turn those leads into buyers, and turn those buyers into long term fans.

I love this work, but ultimately, getting ‘behind the wheel’ of your own sequences can be really confusing, misleading, and frustrating.

So if you’re looking for a way to nurture more leads with less work, then here are a couple launching points to make your sequence stand out:  

Create a goal

When you’re first planning out your sequence, it can be easy to just jump in with both feet, but without a clear idea of where you want to lead your readers. Take a few minutes BEFORE you begin to write and outline a clear goal for what type of action you want once the sequence is completed.

Outline when and what you’ll send

Creating a plan for sending emails is like setting up the framing for the house. You’ll want to make a note of not only how many days apart you’ll be sending emails, but also a rough indicator of the type of content you’ll be sending out in that email. Will it be an educational email with no pitch? Hard Sell? Or maybe one that has a link, but only in the P.S.?

An example could look like this:

Email 1: Welcome email
Send immediately after opt-in in

Email 2: Educational email (RE: Setting up sequences)
Send 1 day after last email

Email 3: Educational email w/ Link in the P.S.
Send 3 days after last email

Email 4: Hard Sell email pitching product/service
Send 2 days after last email

Email 5: Educational email (RE: how to analyze sequence engagement)
Send 3 day after last email

Always be giving

Break up your sales emails by layering them between informative educational emails. This insures that your readers don’t feel bombarded, overwhelmed, or turned off by a constant need to sell. This can be altered slightly if you’re in a launch period, but in general it’s nice to give your readers a bit of a break from time to time.

Have ONE call to action

Every email you write and send should have one purpose, and lead your readers to one place. If there are too many things going on, your readers simply won’t engage. As you outline your sequence, create your goal for each email - and make sure that they’re clear and succinct.


Sequences aren’t always the easiest thing in the world, but they don’t have to be complicated either – IF you go forward with a clear goal, stay helpful, and clear.

And if you want to create an awesome sequence for your subscribers, sign up for a Sequence Strategy Session!