Indiana Jones and the Search for List Engagement

As we all know, growing your list is really only 1/2 of the puzzle. Engaging WITH your subscriber (not AT them) is the 2/2.

As far as marketing is concerned, having an engaged list is a lot like the search for the holy grail – it requires patience, trial and error, a hell of a lot of work, and maybe a booby trap or two.

Like so many other things, I've been convinced it doesn't have to be that hard. So I tested, and here is what I found.

1) Those Welcome Sequences I harp on about... yeah they increased my open rate 23% . "Wait, how does that even happen?" you may be asking yourself. Well get this! I took down my welcome sequence last month, just to see, and my open rates PLUMMETED – as in only 3% of new subscribers opened my emails. Ouch! Keep those sequences people.

2) If you're on my list, you may notice that on Tuesdays I send super personal, kind of funny emails that link email marketing to my everyday life. These emails always do really well for me and the response rate I get from them is excellent as well, and I think that's because people like to hear about me, and over time feel comfortable engaging with me as well.

3) Clean it up. While it might come as a shock, part of maintaining a healthy list is pruning it from time to time. I (personally) like to do this about once a month. I set up a rule in my EDS and have anyone who hasn't opened emails in their first month removed.