Don't Be Boring: An Appeal To Ban Boring Newsletters

Typically, I use my blog as a place to discuss email marketing strategy. Today, I want to deviate and talk about something slightly different, but equally important – your writing.

You can complain all day about a lack of engagement, or talk about how nothing works to keep your readers interested, etc.

But the fact remains that all the email strategy in the world cannot help you if your writing is lackluster, boring, or bland.

Therefore, I want to discuss....


  • Being vague: If you don't outline what you want to talk about, there is a chance your topics might not be fleshed out enough, and in which case- it’s probably boring. Going deeply into a topic will always be better than generalizing about it, so make sure you have examples to back it up.
  • Writing like an old man lawyer: I feel like this is most people’s biggest pain point. We’re taught, through 16 years of school, how to write like academics and then the minute we begin our own businesses it’s shit to the wind- write like you speak. What a paradigm shift!

    If you’re having trouble with a conversational tone, literally record yourself in conversations. See what words you use, what your own natural sentence structure looks like, type it out, and start there.

  • Being irrelevant: If you’re questioning if something you wrote is boring, ask yourself ‘is this relevant.’ Because the truth is, everything you write doesn’t have to be riveting, but it does have to be pertinent to the conversation. So check yourself, and if it’s not relevant – cut it out.
  • Being a know it all: Yes, you are an expert in your field, and yes you know A LOT about your subject matter. But for your readers, it’s difficult to stay engaged through lengthy paragraphs or wordy broadcasts. Keep your readers engaged by either: making it easy to skim, or being more direct.
  • Not understanding how to format: This one piggybacks nicely off the last point – To make it easier for readers to skim, you must understand the formatting of your newsletters. To make it easy for them, try to use shorter paragraphs, bold KEY phrases, or use all caps. Just find a way to draw the reader to the important parts of the content.

If you’re unsure if what you’re writing is boring, I like to suggest testing it out.

Look at your conversion rates, ask your audience, change something up and then create a unique funnel and see how new subscribers respond.

That’s should be easy enough to keep you from sending out boring newsletters ever again.