My #1 tip to set your email marketing up in the long run (Investing functionality)

Recently I was asked to partake in a summit to talk about the pros and cons of email marketing. While speaking with the host, she mentioned that she's changed email marketing providers 4 times in the last year.


I know there are a lot of options out there, and subsequently a lot of conflicting information, but picking the right email delivery services (EDS) early on is crucial for not only your list health, but for your sanity as well.

To save you some time, and without getting into all of it right now, there comes a point when Mailchimp, (especially Mailchimp’s FREE version) will just not cut it.

I think you’ll be surprised how fast that time will come. Not only that, but I think you'll definitely be surprised at how annoying it’ll be to move to a different program.

That's why I always suggest investing in functionality as early as possible. This way, you can begin setting up all your systems right the first time.

With that said, how the F are you supposed to know which EDS to choose?

First things first – ALWAYS, always, know your numbers.

Get a goal for what you want to sell with your list and get honest about how many people you’ll need on that list to meet your goals.

I think you can get a good gauge for the level of interest you’ll have with email marketing if you look at your long term business vision. Does it include passive income, selling larger programs, making bank?  Then you’ll need to have a well rounded list.

Secondly – test them.

Many of the EDS' have a free trial period, all of them have tutorial videos, and most of them have wonderful support teams that will allow you to ask questions at nauseam.

Once you get in there look at how the system allows you to tag, segment, and AUTOMATE campaigns.

Do you like it? Is it intuitive to use? Will it incentives you to send your weekly broadcasts, or will you put it off cause you hate using it?

Find one that comes with the functionality that will foster growth later on AND that you understand, enjoy, and are excited about.

Finally – be smart about it, too.

Confession time: I don't believe in using programs for the sake of using programs. So do I think you need Ontraport or Infusionsoft with 8 (or even 800) people? Probably not.

These programs offer so much functionality that if you just aren't THERE yet, they can be overwhelming, costly, and frustrating. So set yourself up with a program that 'meets you where you are now.'

Then, when the time comes to make the move to one of the more expensive and advanced EDS, you can hire someone (like me.)