Welcome Sequence Woes

Over the past few months, my life has become all about Welcome Sequences.

Three clients have asked for my help with it, I wrote a guest post about it, and it's come up in so many of the consulting calls I've had. I've even created a new opt-in all about it!

It's literally become my soapbox rant, but it's no wonder why.  

As I've been telling just about everyone, welcome sequences offer you a unique and HANDS off approach to connecting with your clients in a genuine way.

More importantly, with so many people becoming aware of email marketing, it's also becoming expected.

Thankfully, writing beautiful and effective welcome emails is easy.

Remember, it’s all about acquainting your client with your brand and giving them the information they need to know about being on your list (when do you email, what do you share, etc.)

I like to take everything I've learned about my ideal customers, from 1:1 emails and surveys, and adapt it into five –mid length– emails.

I also like to use this formula:


Email 1: Introduction and set expectations for the broadcast delivery

Email 2: Share an example of your regular content

Email 3: Highlight major pain point of subscribers

Email 4: Continue sharing your best content

Email 5:  Engage with your reader via a survey


Once you have the bones flushed out, include places for your readers to engage with you.

The sooner you do, the easier it will be to continue that engagement, so prompt them to tell you what they think, vote for something, or like a page. Otherwise, it can be one of the biggest missed opportunities.

Lastly, while opinions on this matter differ greatly, welcome sequences are about getting to know one another, not selling. So, if you worry about being sleazy or scam-y in your marketing, save the promotion until after you've developed a relationship with your readers, and use your welcome sequence to nurture.

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