The 5 Step Formula for Ridiculously Openable Emails

There is no time for fussing about when it comes to truly clickable emails – let's just jump in. 

  1. Test Your Headlines: If no one is opening your emails, then no one will click them. Easy Peasy.

  2. Nurture before you sell: I know you know this, you know you know this – but there are plenty of people still doing it! One quick way to not propose marriage on the first date, so to speak, write your Welcome Series! This give subscribers 3-5 emails to get to know you before you even think about selling to them!

  3. Condition the click: While you’re not selling to your audience, you still want them clicking links in your emails to build the PRACTICE of clicking. But if you aren’t selling to them what are you having them click? Social media links, blog posts, or other free content are all really great options. Just begin the clicking practice before there is something important on the link.

  4. Segment your list: Every marketer on the planet will tell you to do this, and I’m no different. Segment that list, yo! If you know that something is very appealing to one subset of your list, why wouldn’t you send them content on those specific topics – every time? In the long run, segmenting will pay off time and time again.

  5. Have 1 Call to Action: People on the internet are like gold fish. When they see a shiny object they click away, so if you need people to click have a single call to action (and front load your emails so you get to it sooner) so the path to you link is straight and clear.

Need help creating your own ridiculously clickable emails? Well then, you know what to do (*Hint Click here!)